Yoga and Meditation with Susan Topf


Mondays @ 11:30 AM outside

(weather permitting)


Last Wednesday of the month

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Interested in improving your work flow? Join registered yoga teacher Susan Topf for a 30 minute peaceful way to improve your heart and health. Through proper breathing techniques (“Pranayama” in Sanskrit, the language of Yoga) you will learn how to take time out of your midday lunch hour to give yourself the time to feel nourished, refreshed and rejuvenated naturally. Gentle movements & sort closing meditation may be included.

No special clothing needed. Come as you are, leave feeling better. This practice is open to everyone choosing to experience new ways to connect with their breath and invest in their health.

$10.00 donation


Experience the calm soothing effects of nature in your heart. Coming into your breath, feel the nourishment of your true nature fusing fresh Prana, life force/energy, together with your heartfelt joy in this supportive environment for the body, mind, spirit and soul.

Open your heart, listen to your body, feel guided by your own intuition on how to breath. Relax, be well, feel at rest. Peace is the way.

$10.00 donation



@ 10:30 AM


The true yoga, union, experience through guided moving mediation practice to help support the body/mind through the heart.

Nourish your body naturally with breath to improve digestion, and boost your immune system to really connect more fully to your heart.

This practice of intuition unfolds like the lotus petals of true compassion for yourself. At home in the murky waters of emotions, thoughts and belief structures, providing the environment for rising above and being able to shed what no longer serves you, letting your new body/mind transition into the present moment of peace filled existence and stillness.

$10.00 donation