The Sunflower Center About the Restaurant

"Picture yourself in a warm, peaceful, spacious room set with small tables. Some of the tables are occupied, people chatting quietly and eating, for this quiet haven in a business park at the far north end of town is a restaurant—and a place where the community is welcomed."                           –Petaluma360


The Sunflower Center is the culmination of Lydia Kindheart's decades of devotion to the wellness of the planet and its people.  Through her brands of food, festival catering, restaurants, and community work Lydia has become a forerunner in the Organic, Vegan,  and Raw foods industry.  It is the fulfillment of Lydia's vision to create a gathering space to share food, knowledge, and creativity.

Food is a powerful and personal medium for reconnecting people and the planet.  The Center is a place for local small businesses, farmers, musicians, artists, healers and the general community to mingle, develop relationships and share stories, projects and inspiration; a place for children to play, explore, learn and develop a love for the planet. 


Stop in, visit us and enjoy a delicious, affordable, healthy meal. We serve cooked and raw foods, prepared fresh and fast.  Sit with us for a meal or grab a quick snack on the go.  We look forward to seeing your faces!