Hi Lydia, I was just writing you an email. It was AWESOME!!!! We had a blast. Everyone had a wonderful time and could not stop talking about the food. We had about 22 adults and 10 babies. All the babies were happy and none of them cried and I believe that was due to the wonderful vibe you have created at The Sunflower Center. All the parents mentioned how amazing it was and how good a time the children had.Also, there was plenty of food and people were coming up to me and going on and on about how delicious it was. I heard specific praise about the raw wraps, curry quinoa, salads and the powerballs. And the cake was a big hit and the perfect size.Thank you so much for everything. Tarik was a huge help. He set up everything and even helped us put the presents in the car at the end.He set up the space with the swings and the hoola hoops and I brought a large box of toys and together it was great fun. It could not have been better! Thank you again!
Rose, Client
Wow, just found your Italian Crackers, and they are a God-send. I’m on a special diet, because of a pretty tough illness, and I just was not able to get enough calories, or a snack I could easily carry with me. These help me stay full, and they’re okay for my diet, and I’m not allergic to them (hard for me to say about most foods). Going to try more of your products — if you have any coupons, I’d appreciate knowing where to get them. Thank you for making these products! Please don’t ever stop.Best wishes.
Monica, Client
Hello, I had one of your burgers at the Marin County fair. As a vegetarian there wasn’t too much on offer elsewhere at the fair so I was so delighted to come across your stall. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious your vegan burger was. It was so fresh and tasty I devoured it and could have eaten another. My young daughters (11 months and 2) enjoyed it too which surprised me. Thank you for providing such delicious fare!I have just had a look at your website and look forward to buying some products from Rainbow and Wholefoods. I have recently moved from London, UK, to San Francisco and am enjoying the new and different foods here. I am attempting a wheat free diet at the moment to see if it has any effect on a disorder I have so look forward to incorporating some of your products into my diet. I would love to attend a cooking course if that was something you do? I look forward to visiting when next in Petaluma. Kind regards,
Lynaire Roache, Client