Kale Krunchies

Yeast Free with your health in mind.

Much of the nutritional yeast that is found in other kale chip products is grown with sugar which has been processed with bone char. Even “Organic” sugar is often manufactured with this questionable technique.

Bone char, which is used to process sugar, is made from the bones of cattle from Afghanistan, Argentina, India, and Pakistan. The bones are sold to traders in Scotland, Egypt, and Brazil who then sell them back to the U.S. sugar industry. Bone char—often referred to as natural carbon—is widely used by the sugar industry as a decolorizing filter, which allows the sugar cane to achieve its desirable white color.

Scientific studies have shown that pesticides, heavy-metals, and other toxins in the environment concentrate and collect in the bones and tissues of slaughter animals. These dangerous chemicals and residues can easily leach into the processed sugar, become absorbed by the yeast, and in turn, get trapped inside your body.

For the reasons of health and ethics, Lydia’s Organics has taken a firm stance against the use of yeast in any of our products.