The Intelligent Optimist: “Food for life”

–If you believe the menu, the most famous dish at The Sunflower Center, the café and community center run by Lydia’s Organics in Petaluma, California, is the soup—the Famous Raw Green Soup, a cold, refreshing blend of cucumber, kale, avocado, celery, dulse seaweed and about five different herbs… Read More >>

The Intelligent Optimist: “Gettin’ raw with your jaw”

–Normally when I eat, I’m ready to take my next bite before I’m done with the current one. But confronted with the Royal Treatment, I wanted to slow down and explore every flavor… Read More >>

The Press Democrat: “Lydia’s Kitchen fare healthful, good”

–A food revolution is underway and Lydia Kindheart is helping to lead it. You can taste this fresh, local, healthy rebel food at Lydia’s Kitchen — the restaurant, shopping venue and community center all in one — at Lydia’s Organics Sunflower Center headquarters in Petaluma. Her approach to food is summed up by her vegan, gluten-free, organic tamale plate, which won a blue ribbon at the recent Marin County Fair. Besides the corn tamale wrapped in a banana leaf, the plate holds black beans, salsa, avocado and fresh green salad… Read More >>

The Bohemian:  “At Lydia’s Organics, you don’t need to ask—everything is vegan, gluten-free and organic!”

–In my pre-coffee morning haze, before shower, pants or even sitting upright, I often find myself wondering what breakfast meat I’ll have that day. I very much enjoy eating animal products, but that doesn’t mean I’m married to them. Every once in a while, it’s good to sneak in some earth-grown goodness to balance out my inner lion. It’s a day like this that I’m grateful for Lydia’s Organics… Read More >>

The Press Democrat: “At The Sunflower Center, Lydia Kindheart envisions a community”

–Picture yourself in a warm, peaceful, spacious room set with small tables. Some of the tables are occupied, people chatting quietly and eating, for this quiet haven in a business park at the far north end of town is a restaurant—and a place where the community is welcomed… Read More >>

San Francisco Chronicle: “Lydia’s is leaving Fairfax, packing its vegan-raw foods to Petaluma”

–It’s a sad day in dining when bohemian-chic Fairfax won’t have a health food empire to call its own. Yet such is the case – as of June 30, Lydia’s Lovin’ Foods health food store and Lydia’s Kitchen Café will close, after 9 years of serving vegetarian, vegan and raw foods to a dedicated clientele… Read More >>

San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch:  “Jerry Brown Lunches at Lydia’s”

–It’s not every day the governor of California has lunch at your place – not even in Fairfax.
“Am I crazy, or did I just see Governor Brown walk into Lydia’s Cafe in #Fairfax?” tweeted artfuljammer at 12:58 p.m.
No, you’re not crazy…

Press Democrat: “Lydia’s Kitchen Opens In Petaluma”

–Fans of all things vegan, raw, organic, gluten-free and generally non-toxic to your body are celebrating the opening of The Sunflower Center, serving Lydia’s Lovin’ Foods in Petaluma. It’s a combination restaurant and gathering spot where you can have your vegan cheez cake and eat it too — possibly while watching a music workshop, yoga group, or checking out some wellness literature…Read More >>

North Bay Business Journal: “Lydia’s Organics to expand in Petaluma”

–PETALUMA — A Fairfax-based organic and raw foods maker and kitchen is moving much of its operations to northern Petaluma as part of an expansion of production and to open up a larger café and holistic center… Read More >>