A fundraiser baby music class to raise money for prenatal care for moms in developing countries.


Join us for a music class for babies and toddlers!

All proceeds will go toward prenatal and delivery care for a mom in need.


About the class:

From “She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” to “All You Need Is Love,” our songs are familiar and timeless.  Get ready to dance, sing, and play instruments too!  With a combined experience of 20 years teaching children, Jared and Amy Rock bring a fun, positive, and educational experience.   Our goal is to help lay a sound foundation for the future of your child’s musical enjoyment, and inspire them to take up an instrument.

Save the lives of
pregnant women & newborn babies

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Doreen, 19, is thrilled to see her belly grow every day. Each time her baby moves or kicks, it gives her a feeling that the baby is happy. She has decided to attend prenatal care early so that she does not lose her baby to malaria, as happened with her first pregnancy.  

This time, if she has any discomfort, she will seek medical care from the health center to ensure that her baby is growing well. Doreen has been married for one year to her beloved husband, Stephen. They are both subsistence farmers and have struggled to build a home. Now they have three small grass-thatched houses and they live happily together. Doreen is rearing goats in preparation for the baby. She is hopeful that this time she will carry a baby through to a safe birth. To her funders, she prays they receive more money.



A note from Jared Rock:
I have been playing, recording, and writing music for over 15 years with some of the best players in the business.  In that time, I've played in a number of headlining bands across the US and Canada. More recently, I have been teaching music full time at a k-12 school in the north bay.  In this capacity, I built the school's wildly popular rock and roll music program from the ground up.  I also run the music program at Alchemia, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.  In addition to music instruction, I also perform for children, direct bands, and record.


  ~Other Mamas~