Lydia's Food Preparation Classes

 Loving Foods for the Body Mind & Soul

An in depth experience of new ways to look at foods & how we prepare them.

The Sunflower Center will be hosting raw food preparation and health education classes. Lydia Kindheart will personally teach class participants about a variety of nutritional dietary principles, including the health benefits of raw foods, enzymes, sprouting and cleansing the body.

~Class participants will benefit from learning recipes as well as food preparation concepts.


~Our classes will empower people to be creative in food preparation & incorporate dietary changes into everyday life.


~This class will be hands on, with each person encouraged & supported in developing their own culinary skills & gifts.

Raw foods will be prepared. Information will be shared on how these recipes, concepts & healthy choices can be incorporated into daily meals raw or cooked, from salad to spaghetti.


  • Health & nutritional value of each food
  • Food combining
  • Sprouting- the why’s & how to sprout
  • Dehydrating
  • The culinary uses, characteristics & properties of individual vegetable, seed, grain, fruit, herbs spices & oils & how to use them
  • How cut, chop, grind or blend for the desired end result
  • Combining for texture, flavor, health, vitality & proper digestion
  • How to shop
  • Being cost effective
  • Stock the essentials for your kitchen
  • How to pick your fruit & vegetables
  • Eating locally


Requirements for Class Participation

closed-toed shoes

hair fully covered with a scarf or hat (we will provide hair nets if needed)

paring knife & chef knife

chopping board

your favorite apron

food processor



Call (707) 792-5304 or email us at for more information.

Lydia’s Raw Food Classes

Tuesdays 5:30pm -9:30pm

Cost: $800 for 4-class series

1 scholarship available

(sliding scale)

14 spaces available

Meal included

Class Schedule

1st Class:

  • Understanding our foods & rebuilding relationship with what we eat
  • Sprouting and nutrition, proper use of food processor
  • Pates, cheeses, dips, crackers; application of these foods

2nd Class:

  • Oils, fats, proper use of blenders, continued conversation about nutrition & our relationship with food
  • Juices, sauces, dressings, soups; application of these foods

3rd Class:

  • Cutting and chopping technique and the tools needed to get the job done
  • Cleansing & detox, a gentle and healthful approach
  • Salads, entrees, appetizers

4rd Class

  • Sweeteners, sugar addictions & healthful desserts
  • Smoothies, "Melks," sweet treats, pies, cakes
  • Breakfast, a healthy start to each day