Monthly Juice Cleanse






Tips & Tricks


-Drink lots of water- it will flush waste out

-Lemon dissolves mucous & is antibacterial

-Ginger tea hot or cold
is something you can sip all day, it will decrease ones appetite, acts as a tonic, is refreshing.

-Mint- a few drops of mint oil in your water or mint tea is antifungal, good for digestion & a great tonic

-Drinking salt water with a good quality salt is very purifying; just add a little salt where you can taste it like a tear drop.

-Watermelon - what a great food! It will flush you, definitely hydrate you & will certainly make you pee a lot so choose your environment.

-Morning- The first things you put in your mouth sets a tone, a pattern for the day, if you start with sugar you will crave more sugar. Start with plain water to neutralize your system, flush out toxins that have been settling in your body during the night.

-Exercise stimulates blood flow; the lymph is activated by movement, sweating releases things you don’t need through your pores & makes you feel good in general.

-Skin Brushing is a well known & used tool & it can be purchased at a health food store. It opens the pores, stimulates the lymph & blood, releases toxins, and makes your skin clearer and healthier. Use it dry before you bathe, start from your extremities & brush towards your heart. It is very good around the breast & in the armpits, and for men around the groin.

-Fiber- increase your fiber intake through vegetables (celery is excellent). Fruits like cherries, plums- watch out for excess sugar- no dates, dried fruit, and bananas to a minimum. Apples are a great source of fiber; pectin is great for digestion and great fillers. Eat more apples, eat less junk.

-Chlorophyll- Eat dark leafy greens! Nature’s gift for health & well being! It is known to raise ones blood count. It is very easily absorbed and close in molecular structure to our blood. Green is the sun into matter, “liquid sunshine”. It is a great source of calcium. It neutralizes toxins, harmful chemicals & radiation. It is known for regulating menstruation, regulating bowel movements, anti-bacterial, reducing body odor, healing sores, improving lactation, bad breath, and ulcers. It oxygenates the earth, it oxygenates our bodies. Toxins deplete us of oxygen.

Seaweed- A great source of minerals, great for adrenal fatigue, removes radiation from one’s body.

Raw foods- are full of life force, nutrients & enzymes. Cooked foods spoil faster in the bowels than raw foods & putrefy. If you cook foods, don’t over-cook, use a little water, and then add a cold pressed oil for flavor at the end.

Food Combining- everything is chemistry. Things by themselves will be fine but if you mix them with the wrong thing they can literally create a bomb. Apples are pretty neutral. Eat melons alone. Do not mix fruit and starches together.

Green Powder- a green powder mix is great to add to your drinks, smoothies, salads or in plain water.

Fresh Juices- Bottled juices are pasteurized in plastic bottles and made who knows how. Mixtures of fresh vegetable juices with cucumber & greens, herbs (such as parsley, cilantro & basil) are very medicinal.

In general, eat more fresh foods, more leafy greens, drink more water, the least or no refined anything. No meat, little or no dairy, if so, only goat. Eat less; don’t eat until you are full. If you are hungry later eat a fruit, drink tea, and eat a celery or carrot stick. Chew your food well, sit down & take your time to eat. Be kind to yourself, exercise.

Some of my foods are very helpful, The Green Soup and Kale Salad especially. Crackers are good fillers and have a lot of fiber. They are dry, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Eat Better, Feel Better!

Cleansing Program


To alkalize the body- regulating our PH. When a body is acidic, it lacks oxygen & promotes disease.

To flush the system through hydration.

Increase fiber for an intestinal broom & remove old matter.

Decrease or eradicate foods that are acidic or clogging.

The standard diet mostly includes acidic foods, packaged, pasteurized, boiled & altered in some form from its natural state. This makes it difficult for the body to process. Fried foods, heated oils in general, including toasted nuts, which in essence cooked oil, is extremely hard for the body to process. Results are such of a clogged sink and built up in the arteries, therefore making it difficult for our heart to pump and blood to flow freely.

Meat generally putrefies in the system, lacks in fiber, is high in fat, is too high in protein which leaches calcium out ones bones to process and has a huge environmental impact. Carries more pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics than plants. Let’s not mention how animals are raised and slaughtered in an inhumane way. It is a known fact with numerous studies that a vegetarian diet promotes a longer life span and higher endurance.

Dairy is made for the bay of specie and therefore especially designed for the baby’s needs. A calf grows extremely fast and is a very large animal in comparison to us. Dairy is way too rich for us to process. The FDA also approves a certain amount of pus & blood due to overworked and diseases utters. Bon Appétit. Goat milk is easier to digest so look for a healthy source and use sparingly!

Hydration- most people are dehydrated. Most elders are ending up in the emergency room suffering from dehydration. Our bodies are a system of rivulets, our heart dwells in a cavernous lake. The heart beating for its best performance must be free of obstruction; a river with sludge is harder to pump. Most people do not drink enough water. Watch plastic bottles as they excrete a harmful chemical with affect most people’s hormones and who knows what. Let’s do mention the environmental impact. Our use of plastic is the death of the earth, creatures and ourselves. The amount of plastic generated is astronomical and accumulating. Recycling plastic is highly toxic to the air and water. Most of it is either just burnt or dumped into the ocean. Get a nice glass bottle and keep refilling it! Drink in between meals, drinking with your meals will dilute your digestive juices.

Most people have accumulated old fecal matter stored in the intestinal walls and colon due to lack of fiber, overconsumption so the body is overloaded and cannot process all that it is given. Therefore explaining the huge market for laxatives.

Excess mucous from dairy, grains and nuts affects the lymph which is a very important system which brings nutrients to each cell and takes away the wastes. When the lymph is clogged it then cannot work properly as it is a thick and gooey environment. You add yeast to it from breads, beer and combine it with sugar, one creates a great environment for bacterial growth and Candida which many people suffer from. Candida symptoms can be a coated tongue, a cheesy like body odor, sticky stools, bloated, constipation and fatigue.

From my years of studies, I believe that cellulite is an accumulation of clogged lymph that builds up under the surface of the skin.



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