7:30 PM - 9:30 PM


$10 - $20 Suggested Donation

Satsang is a coming together of friends to sit with the Truth of their being and, perhaps, talk about it. In satsang there may be questions, comments, reports, sharing, silence and laughter. Two simple suggestions are often heard in Pamela's satsangs: welcome whatever arises from moment to moment - and notice that the mind is essentially a bundle of thoughts - like a phantom - which brings freedom from the mind's domination.

Pamela has been giving satsangs since 1997 - celebrations of self-enquiry, clarity and kindness. Her warmth and friendliness have endeared her to many across the United States, Canada and Europe. Her vision is the non-dualism brought into focus so luminously by the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi. Her presence is welcoming and lighthearted, pointing seekers to the source of love within where the realization of their true nature is self-evident.