David Casselman



David is has been a North Bay singer-songwriter muti-instrumentalist for the last 15 years, playing at various venues solo and also with  the bands ‘Core’ and ‘Pickled Beats’.  He also leads kirtan with Circle of Friends (playing here Saturday the 22nd).  Before that he has been in San Francisco with the band ‘Haven’ and with his performance team as ‘Orky Snorky’ at Theatre Artaud.

His instruments range from his guitars – 6 string, 12 string, electric, and autoharps – 3 of them to various flutes…His influences are very eclectic: from bossa nova to Beatles and 60’s music, from Krishna Dass to Reggae,  from Avant Guarde to 16th Century Poetics. A very entertaining evening for everyone.

Thursday February 20th

7:00pm - 8:30pm

(Donations Accepted)