Circle Of Friends


Saturday February 22nd

7:30 PM – 9:30



Circle of Friends would like to have you join them for their first appearance at the Sunflower Center. Their wonderful energy in their kirtan  has added to the great light and love in Sonoma County and beyond. On harmonium is Steven Martin with his wife Ananda Devi on Kirtals, Bhavani Judith Tucker on harmonium and guitar,  Priya Sara Rick on harmonium and flutes, David Casselman on Guitar and his wife Trish on rhythm. Liam Nolan on Guitar, and Ganghadar Gerhard (who has played extensively in the whole Bay Area) on tablas. 

Each presenter has his or her own chants from various kirtan artists and yogic traditions, and so there is no one guru that we represent.  (you could say we represent all gurus – the spirit of guidance. The words are mostly Sanskrit and we bring a songbook. Most are easy to follow (Om Namah Shivaya, etc.).   Please join us for a great evening.

(Donations Accepted)

 Circle of Friends