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Lydia's Lovin' Community New Entry  

Lovely website and great food
by George McLaird on 

I was just checking out your website - beautiful. Several years ago I have a heart attack and have been looking for restaurants who serve healthy food. Yours in one of the chosen few. Signed, a new customer, George McLaird

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Interview from the Vegan Truth by M. "Butterflies" Katz
by lydia on 

Lydia’s - Email: – Location: Petaluma, CA, USA – Ph. 707-765-9200 - Founder, Owner and Operator:  Lydia Kindheart – They have a storefront, online store at website, and sold in retail stores. Lydia's Organics is a dried food line available nationwide and in Canada.  

Lydia's Lovin’ Foods - is a fresh food line serving the SF Bay Area – Ph. 707-792-5302 - .

Lydia certainly keeps busy as she also operates The Sunflower Center, Community Center and Restaurant - - Ph. 707-792-5300

Festivals and events along the West Coast from Oregon to L.A. – - Ph. 707-792-5304

Lydia runs a Community Center, Restaurant and is a manufacturer; selling wholesale goods both fresh and dried; organic, vegan, gluten-free, raw & cooked. In stores, she offers shelf stable-cereals, bars, crackers and refrigerated products like salads, entrees, pate`s, desserts, and alkalizing soup. The Restaurant and festivals offer a large variety of dishes.

Her motivation is in having a positive effect on a planetary level through what we eat. She started out 17 years ago, as a small deli type retail frontage and has gone through many transformations through the years.

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Excited about Gluten Free Foods
by Viktor on 

I'm really excited about this website and the food tastes great. Gluten-free is the way to go and on behalf of all of us at Earthgrid we're proud to support Lydia and her vision of healthy foods.

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