January 25th 11am - 11pm
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♥ Our Lineup ♥

Astrud/The Cosmic Caravan/Steve Bamm - 12PM
Astrud Castillo is inspired by the practice of Nada Yoga, the deep inner listening
and exploration of the unstuck sound. From this exploration, the inner and outer vibration and expression of Kirtan arises. Astrud brings with her a host of talented musicians from the Bay area with whom she is honored to play. The band is a caravan of Bhakti Yogis who love to sing in the key of "We". They create a safe and playful space in which hearts can begin to unfold like the lotus emerging from the mud. Kirtan is a way to express gratitude and joy, pain and sorrow and celebrate the gods and goddesses in all their forms. It is through the devotional practice of call and response, and repeating their names, that our hearts awaken and our barriers dissolve. Through this, kirtan enables us to experience wholeness and union, Yoga.

Francisco Aviles - 1:30 PM
It is said that ancient bards once sang songs that weaved images that could move the hearts and minds of the people, and how they walk in the world. Francisco is a trained classical singer and world music finger style guitarist who had injury 8 years ago that lead to an "Awakening." Since then he's been teaching the Khristos Method, and helping others use their deep hurt as a doorway into their mastery. "His voice and is songs may open doors in your heart you may have forgotten about, but longed to remember. He may be the ancient bard come back to life."

Kandice Korves-Kaus - 2:20 PM & 8:50 PM
Kandice Korves-Kaus (founder of Holistic Hooping) has been a spiritual hoop warrior of the modern hoopdance community since its' inception. For the past 11 years, she has performed and taught internationally, nationally and locally in Northern California.

Elson M. Haas, MD - 2:30PM (In Conference Room)
Dr. Elson Haas is a leading integrative family physician, noted speaker, author, teacher, and pioneer in preventive medicine, nutrition, and natural health care.

He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1972 and then interned at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA. Since then, he has practiced in Northern California, studying and utilizing a wide variety of healing disciplines.

Dr. Haas is Founder and Director of Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, CA (www.pmcmarin.com), which has served many thousands of patients since 1984 offering the benefits of integrative care and the ability to work with major insurance plans (unique in the San Francisco Bay Area).

Dr. Haas has authored many books on the topics of health, nutrition and detoxification, including: Staying Healthy with the Seasons; Staying Healthy with Nutrition; The Detox Diet; The False Fat Diet; More Vegetables, Please! and A Cookbook for All Seasons.

"Dr. Elson" is currently writing about his vision for the future of US Health Care, synthesizing Natural, Oriental and Western approaches ("NOW Medicine") and relying upon his decades of developing and perfecting this model at his center.

He is also working to reach out to teens and youngsters with the message of preventive health and healthy lifestyles to create better futures. The company he co founded--Seasons Studios (www.seasonsstudios.com)--creates and distributes books and COs (as well as anatomical T-shirts and Reflexology Sox) along with accompanying Apps for children and families in the areas of health, nutrition and the environment, including The Anatomix Comix CD & Songbook.

Toberxara - 3:00 PM
Toberxara's music carries and transmits universal messages of love, harmony and of possibilities beyond this current collective reality. Inspired by the profoundly innovative music of Nick Drake, he utiliizes alternate tunings to create an ethereal yet rooted guitar sound which is accomplished through intricate finger-style picking. Atop the rich musical soundscapes he adds melodic vocals accented with flares of falsetto.

Kim Atkinson/Drumming - 4:00 PM
Kim has conducted drum/dance classes, jams, performances and rituals in the North Bay and elsewhere for more than 30 years. He has recorded and performed with many name musicians including Micky Hart and Zero, as well as promoting master teachers from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean. Kim will present DrumUnity Circle, an improvisational hand drum event with a focus on gratitude and world peace. Everyone is welcome.

Andius Gent - 5:00 PM
By the age of 23, And ius achieved acclaim with his funk jazz fusion band "Soup;' which was bvoted best jazz band in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1991-1993 and best band in Charlestown, South Carolina in 1992. Soup opened up for such artists as Dr. John, Warren Haynes, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.ln 1996 Andius moved to Seattle, Washington, to attend the Cornish College of the Arts where he studied music performance and composition with Julian Priester, Jim Knapp, Ron Simon, and Dave Peck.After graduating college with a B.A. in Music Performance, And ius toured throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and across the United States. In 2004 he released his first CD, ANDIUS to much acclaim. In 2005 Andius moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he enjoys playing in the Mill Valley Philharmonic Orchestra, jazz ensembles, contemporary jazz groups, and world music ensembles. And ius performs at music venues, corporate events, private parties, wineries, and restaurants. He also performs at music festivals such as Earthdance, Harmony Festival, and the Raw Spirit Festival. He released his solo bass CD, "Raptures ofThe Deep" in 2011.

Karnamrita Dasi w/ John Wubbenhorst - 6:00 PM
Karnamrita Dasi grew up in Ashram community in United States, and has sung bhajans and kirtans since childhood. She continued with musical training in Indian classical vocal in Vrindavan, India, and today she is the first female Western performer to be classically trained in India in this sacred art. Acclaimed as one of the most beautiful voices in the Vaishnava tradition, Karnamrita performs all over the world. In 2004 her album "DASI: Prayers by Women" was released.

John Wubbenhorst is one of the foremost western disciples of the great bansuri maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia. John also is the leader of the "Facing East" group and has 2 degrees in World Music from the Rotterdam Conservatorium. John has released 10 CDs and tours throughout the world with his magical bansuri.

Teed Rockwell - Bollywood Gharna - 7:15 PM
For over thirty years, Teed Rockwell has been playing many forms of world music on the touchstyle Veena-a guitar-like instrument which is played by tapping the strings with the fingertips, making it possible to play a separate part with each hand. Rockwell has performed in concerts and recordings with traditional musidans from many different cultures, including South America, Africa, China, and Ireland. Most commonly known as the Chapman stick®, Rockwell's current version of the instrument is made by Mark Warr of Warr Guitars® with special customizations by Stephen White. The instrument has evolved through five different kinds of tuning and stringing before it reached its current form, and is now renamed the Touchstyle veena because it is designed for the performance of Indian classical and popular music.

Osher Levi - 8:00 PM
The didgeridoo has been playing Osher since 1996 and through her has shared its ancient healing and transformative powers with people all over the world. Osher shares her passion and love for the didgeridoo through music meditations, ceremonies, group and individual classes and personal sound/energy healing sessions. Her presence and charisma amplify the didj experience. Osher has collaborated as a performer, recording-artist, and instructor with artists including To Life!, Zap Mama, Cirque de Soleil, Lost at Last, and The Ali Kahn Band, to name a few. In her healing work Osher has played formhe Quantum Light Breath meditation, Sacred Sound Space events, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa etc.

Tom Finch - 9:00 PM
Tom Finch, a California native and multi-instrumentalist for over thirty years is Influenced by rock, funk, blues, and jazz styles and his playing and composing continue to grow with a creative and energetic force! A Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame inductee, Tom has toured throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and Canada, and is featured on many albums with groups such as Big Brother & the Holding Co and Jazz Iguanas and Plethora. Tom has played with a variety of artists some of which include Joan Baez, Randy Vincent, Mel Graves, Steve Smith and Kai Eckhardt. Tom's formal training includes seven plus years of study in music theory, composition, performance, and education at Sonoma State University, College of Marin, and Mills College and he has taught music privately as well as in school programs for more than 20 years.

Kooch Daniels - Tarot Card Readings
I use mystical tools to help enhance conscious awareness and improve understanding of life. If we view ourselves in relation to our worries and fears we are tethered to the negative. If we see ourselves as a reflection of the divine, we can possess a living Nirvanic essence and awaken a limitless potential to find happiness.

Fukushima Response Group
We work together to understand what is really happening at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan, to inform others about the ongoing threat of global contamination from the disaster and lobby elected officials towards action.

Come Join us in the celebration of our 2nd year anniversary at The Sunflower Center!